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Alvan Tsarik Foundation
(Ալվան Ծաղիկ)

Alvan Tsarik Educational Center Gyumri

Below you'll find a story about the genesis of our Alvan Tsarik Educational Center.

Do you want to keep yourself informed of the progress of the project, then go to our blog (mostly in Dutch) or click the buttons at the bottom of this page for even more impressions and a report from the treasurer of "Het Bosje".

The time has come.
After a long period of preparation, we have been able to purchase a house in Gyumri’s city center. Built in 1995, it is located near a bus station where most of the city’s minibuses stop, in Majakowski Street. For us, it's a big dream comes true: our own Educational Center.

Now we can bring our ideas about preschool education into practice. ‘Pupils are responsible for their own learning process and are very well able to do so on their own.’ That is what we want to demonstrate in at least three preschool groups and in technasium classes for older pupils.
Apart from these new forms of education for Armenia, we want to offer courses in English, computers and music.

Side-view of our future Educational Center

Frontal view of our future Educational Center
The building is not yet ready. During the following months, our people in Gyumri will put in a lot of effort to get the class rooms ready for our groups and our office. In summer we will be active there ourselves to furnish the rooms.
We start on the top floor and make it ready so that in September, we can start with one or two preschool groups. After that we will have to obtain lots of money to continue on the ground floor.

Students of the Candea College in Duiven, Netherlands, have accepted our project for their Technasium programme. They will investigate the options we have to make our house as optimally functional as possible. Another group students of the Candea College will investigate how a healthy climate can be established via customized ventilation.

We are delighted with the financial aid we receive from a number of organizations and persons who have enabled us to realize our dream. Among these people and organizations we would like to mention Stichting Het Bosje, Rotary De Liemers and the acquaintances of Wim Rebers in Zevenaar.
Stichting Het Bosje provided us with a loan which made it possible for us to continue for now. In the future we are going to need more donors, but the beginning has been made.

Updates on our progress are available for our readers on our blog.

Press the button below to view some impressions of the work.